VTU year Back system details

VTU has now in problem with critical year back system are to be countinued or to be cancelled so many of students are prostesting against the university and some people are seriously involved in the protest so let us provide you a brief information about VTU year back system

VTU year back system discussions and details  

Relieved thousands of engineering students, Visvesvaray Technologies University has decided to revise their 'critical year' and 'years ago' concepts for the academic year 2017-18

VTU-year-old or le-over system is one of the real problems of the students studying in the colleges affiliated to the University of Vistriya Technical University. By the way, it is not the first time that VTU has spread about the year-old system of Afghanistan. We hear it almost every year.

This step is due to the protests of various student organizations, who demanded that the government be canceled because the university has given the results of re-evaluation as well as delays in the announcement of the results. Many students said that they had to apply for more than 16 examinations in the three-month period because the University delayed the results of the re-evaluation of weird semester examinations.

VTU year back system

For the students studying in the third semester, there should not be more than 5 backs in 1 and 2 semesters.
A student is eligible for the 5th semester if he has cleared all the letters of the 1st and 2nd semesters, and have not withdrawn from 5 or more 5 taking 3 and 4 semester at the end of the year together .
Only those students who are eligible for the 7th semester, who have cleared all the papers till the 4th semester and 5 or more 5 are not recommended at the end of the 5th and 6th semester vtu cbcs results

Year-old system is mandatory that students can not go to next year, if they have failed in more than four subjects, while critical year system has made it mandatory that students do not enter the last year if their first year papers are not passed. Can not pass second year papers

Students are quite convinced that the year around VTU is about to cancel the system earlier. We asked them about the sources they had replied that their general manager had told them, but this is just the right time

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