VTU to lessen weightage framework for papers to 60 for each percent

The VTU has decided to revise the examination pattern and will replace the existing 

Under the new example, however hypothesis exams would be led for 100 imprints, it would be ascertained for 60 marks. Whatever is left of the imprints would be granted for internals, useful exams other than classroom conduct, participation and so forth.

The understudies conceded for the 2017-18 scholarly year under the Choice Based Credit System (CBCS) would compose their semester exams under the 60:40 example. As indicated by VTU experts, the move will enable understudies to contend with those concentrate similar courses at self-sufficient building schools of the college. The syllabus for the reexamined design is prepared. More than 250 designing universities in the state are subsidiary to VTU. Self-governing designing universities have a framework where both interior and hypothesis convey square with marks.

Some of the students Mirror spoke with said they were awaiting clarity on the issue but didn't remember if they had given their bank account details to the university at the time of applying for
 vtu results revaluation.

Meanwhile, those who did get their money back after 2 years are wondering what took so long. VTU finance officer Sapna MA told Bangalore Mirror she had no idea what caused the delay.

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"I can only say that the refunding process had to be cleared by the vice-chancellor and the registrar of evaluation. They might know the reason for the two-year delay," Sapna said.
Prof Satish Annigeri, registrar (evaluation) of VTU, was also clueless.

"I have been in this post from a few months only. I have no answer to this question. It is the collective decision of the management. In fact, last week I signed a few papers authorising the release of refund amount for the 2016 batch," Annigeri said.

However, Karisiddappa, who was appointed as VTU vice-chancellor in 2016, said there was a lot of pending paperwork since he took over.

"It took really long to sort out all the issues and complete the process. No documents were in order. Moreover, the VTU's balance was low and we could not afford to complete all the balances. After the income tax raid, most of our balance was gone and it took a long time. I have also recently cleared the refund for students of the 2016 batch. I am clearing all dues one by one,"


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