There was not a full-time PhD student in VTU

It has been a long time since the Visvesvaraya Technological University (VTU) appeared and shockingly, the National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) report by the Ministry of Human Resource Development uncovers that the college has no PhD understudies and has no gaining from licenses also.

While the college has delivered numerous well informed understudies, look into in general has not been given significance in the greatest innovative college in the state.

The NIRF report in its PhD understudies subtle elements uncovered that no understudies are seeking after doctoral program till the scholarly year 2016-17. Yet, there are 106 low maintenance understudies according to the reports.


What prompted this circumstance at the tech varsity? Jagannath Reddy, enlistment center of VTU, told BM, "There was no arrangement in the college to pay the doctoral understudies' stipend all nowadays. Month to month, we need to pay and prior understudies were not taken hence at last in light of the fact that there was no arrangement. Likewise, they should leave the place of employment and seek after PhD. So just low maintenance PhD was going on. Presently, the exploration work will begin."

The gaining from licenses (IPR) area likewise uncovers that from 2014 to 2017, three successive money related years, the college has gotten no single penny. Reddy stated, "These licenses are essentially the individuals who are selected in schools. We didn't have everything these years and just from past three and half years we have full-time staff and as of late we have gotten 12(B) University status, this will begin the procedure now." more about vtu syllabus

A specialist stated, "It is very stunning not on the grounds that there were no PhD understudies every one of these years, it is stunning how every one of these years the arrangements were not made and why every one of these years the administrations which have gone back and forth did not by any means investigate the examination field in VTU."

Not only that, the yearly capital use on scholarly exercises and assets additionally demonstrate some staggering numbers. VTU has not spent a solitary penny towards the new gear for research centers in 2016-17. In any case, in 2015-16, the varsity has spent around 37 crore and in the year 2014-15 it has spent around 13 crores.

Reddy included, "From the last one-and-a-half years, we have been working out on this and around Rs 10 crore has been planned for the use for new

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gear for research facilities. We are doing it and we will complete it this year.."

The consumption on instructors and non-showing staff pay rates too has seen a noteworthy change. In 2014-15, the varsity spent around 68 crore on yearly pay rates and in 2015-2016 it spent an incredible Rs 86 crore and in 2016-17 it spent just Rs 65 crore. Why just last scholastic year there was a plunge?

Reddy stated, "Already, the agreement and outsourced personnel was additionally ascertained as a feature of educators' pay rates. Indeed, even now on the off chance that we include the agreement staff it will go up to 80 crores. In any case, starting at now, these individuals are excluded and this year it is coming up to 72 crores for educating, non-instructing and University BDT College of Engineering (UBDTCE), Davangere, a constituent school of VTU staff."

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